Wellness way

A lot of people want to start their advantage with wellness, but they did not know how to start. The definition of wellness contains a lot of life aspects.

How to start?

Healthy lifestyle, stress control spa, fitness, healthy diet … so how to start to feel life satisfaction, have healthy body, job satisfaction, good personal relation, emotional balance, well-being?

Start with your body.

Start with your body, your health and only then you can reach the rest of things. It is you who choice your way to health and illness. If you choose health, the most important things, which you need are:

  • The air

  • Water

  • Food

  • Movement

Without those basic things, you can’t be healthy, but everything begins in your mind. Take control of your body and use power of your mind. Make a decision.

Do you have a problem with this? You want but you do went nothing. Not only you have this problem.

Start with water

Your body consist of 70 % of water and your brain of 85 %.

How much water do you drink every day?

An adult should drink from 1,5 to 2,5 litre of clear still water daily. Only water can clean your body. Coffee, tea, juice, fizzy drinks aren’t water. Have you ever tried clean in tea on juice?

Deliver into your brain good water, this is the first step to wellness way, I will tell you something more. A body of child has more water than a body of elderly. The process of ageing is a process of drying up.

The right hydration will help you keep youth and positive thinking.

What dost good water mind?

Healthy water have fallowing features:

  • Ph similar to ph of human blood

  • Low concentration of surface, so good quality of cleaning

  • Minus redox like antioxidants

  • Crystal structure, that is a live water

  • Temperature similar to the temperature of human body

To sum up. Drink live water, use process of your mind. Create yourself and your healthy and wellness way.